Thesis Trainee

The thesis trainee position is aimed at law students embarking on the biggest project of their studies — master’s thesis. At Hannes Snellman, thesis trainees have the unique opportunity to write their thesis in an atmosphere of expertise and professionalism.

As part of the traineeship, we offer you a mentor — an experienced lawyer who will mentor and supervise you throughout your writing process — and the technical equipment you need to write your thesis. In addition, our thesis trainees are welcome to participate in the introductory training programme, our Hannes Academy lectures and mentoring breakfasts, and any activities arranged by our Avocados activities club.


The duration of the traineeship is approximately three months. We accept applications on a continuous basis and consider each candidate individually.

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“During the process of writing my thesis, it was wonderful to be a part of a professional and pleasant team. By sharing both their practical and academical views, the team really helped me in my work. Additionally, I found the vast collections of Hannes Snellman’s library and all the practicalities very helpful and convenient.” - Thesis Trainee, autumn 2021