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Anna-Maria Tamminen Appointed to the SCC Arbitration Institute Board of Directors

21 December 2023

Partner Anna-Maria Tamminen from our Dispute Resolution Practice has been appointed to the board of the SCC Arbitration Institute.

Anna-Maria specialises in international dispute resolution, managing complex cases across various legal domains. She navigates high-stakes commercial and investment disputes with expertise in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Anna-Maria is also an experienced arbitrator.

The SCC Arbitration Institute has offered arbitration and mediation services to Swedish and international parties who wish to have their disputes resolved outside of the public courtroom since 1917. Every year, SCC resolves nearly 200 disputes between parties from 40–50 different nations. The SCC consists of a secretariat headed by a secretary general, together with an operational board comprised of experienced dispute resolution experts.

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