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Hannes Snellman’s Involvement in Corporate Citizenship in 2017

20 December 2017

Hannes Snellman has a long tradition in corporate citizenship and pro bono work. One of our traditions is to make annual donations to charities that share our values. In 2017, Hannes Snellman has decided to support UNICEF, The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, and WWF’s Save the Baltic Sea project.

Hannes Snellman has a long-standing partnership with UNICEF, which has a long and successful history in helping the unfortunate. Therefore, we wanted to support UNICEF this year as well. The two other charities for this year’s donations were chosen by our staff. The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters is a child welfare organisation that helps children and families in difficult and insecure situations and prevents domestic violence. WWF’s Save the Baltic Sea project protects the unique and highly sensitive ecosystem of the Baltic Sea region.

In addition to our traditional annual donations, we have also carried out several initiatives initiated by our employees and, to name one example, we are participating in the Finnish Joulupuu charity again.

We strongly believe that by serving the public good, we translate our values into action.