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Practical Tips for Applying for a Traineeship: Sending in Your Application

1 February 2023

  1. Your application package is your work portfolio, so remember to put effort into it.
  2. Write your application and CV in the same language as the recruitment ad, unless you are told otherwise.
  3. Remember to write down your contact details and the date on both the application and the CV.
  4. Do not forget to mention which traineeship period you are applying for.
  5. If you know who the application should be addressed to, do so, but if you do not know, use the name of the position as a reference.
  6. Pay attention to the language you are using. Remember that the application is also an example of your writing style and skills.
  7. Support the description of your expertise and experience with concrete examples and avoid using empty words and phrases.
  8. Do not repeat what was said in the recruitment ad or on the company website.
  9. A suitable length for a traineeship application is one A4 page.
  10. A suitable length for a CV is one or two pages.
  11. Do not forget to display your personality.
  12. On your CV, use backwards chronological order starting from the latest.
  13. A photo on CV is always a good idea.
  14. Consider if the most important details could be summarised in a brief profile text at the beginning of your CV.
  15. Consider whether you have a friend or a member of the family who could review your application and CV before sending them.
  16. Be meticulous and remember to proofread your application and CV.
  17. Take a moment to recheck one more time that the name of the company is right both in the application and in the CV.
  18. Find out what the application period is and abide by it. We encourage you to send in your application well before the deadline.
  19. Name the annexes appropriately and submit all the required annexes in one go and to the right address.
  20. If possible, send your application and CV in the PDF format.

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Good luck!

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