Scam & Fraud Notice

Like many other reputable companies, Hannes Snellman unfortunately occasionally attracts the attention of bad-intended individuals who are misusing Hannes Snellman’s good name or the names of our employees in connection to fraudulent schemes, including fraudulent emails. The way of these fraudulent schemes is ever changing, but the purpose is to get hold of money or any personal or confidential information for use in other illegal activities.

Please always exercise caution in relation to any unexpected or unusual email sent in the name of Hannes Snellman or any its employees. Example of commonly used features that may help you to detect fraudulent emails are:

  • Wrong domain name. An authentic-looking but incorrect domain name may be used to send the email. Genuine emails from Hannes Snellman are always in the format “”.
  • Sense of urgency. Scammers often rely on urgency to create panic. Be cautious of anything unexpected that implies that you must act immediately
  • Unknown sender. The sender is a false or unknown Hannes Snellman contact. However, please be aware of that fraudulent senders may use the names of real Hannes Snellman employees, but sometimes with incorrect job titles.
  • Poor grammar. The emails may be poorly phrased and may contain grammatical errors (however with the increased access to generative AI language models, the language in the e-mails may be drafted very realistically and sophistically). The e-mail may also use generic greetings such as “Sir” or “Madame”
  • Encouraging to click links. Please do not click any links before checking their validity.

Please note that the above is an non-exhaustive list of factors that may indicate fraudulent activities.

If you think you have spotted a scam pretending to be from Hannes Snellman or any of its employees and are unsure as to its authenticity, please contact us on  before further engaging with the sender or any contact person named in the email.   

We report fraudulent activities involving our name or the names of our employees to the relevant regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Stay safe!

Hannes Snellman