Diversity & Inclusion

It is only through active initiatives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive work environment that we live by our values and reach our vision. Across the firm, we work together to create a workplace where everyone can achieve their potential. Focusing on diversity and inclusion helps us attract and retain the top talent and meet our clients’ needs.

Our inclusion and diversity efforts are embedded into everyday activities. In order to increase the diversity of the perspectives and to nurture an increasingly inclusive culture, where diversity is valued and leveraged for the benefit of our people and our clients, we work on a range of initiatives across the firm.

We focus on recruiting individuals who bring their own backgrounds and experiences to work. This contributes to a work environment that is rich with collaborative thoughts, insight, and talent.

Leadership capabilities play a decisive role in creating a diverse culture in which everyone can achieve their potential. Our leadership model emphasises team building, speaking up, understanding, feedback, approachability, and talent development.

Our talents have individual expectations, preferences, and life situations, which evolve over time. We work to cater for tailored career paths and solutions that enable work-life integration.

Our clients expect to collaborate with resilient, innovative, empathetic, and advanced teams. We bring them people who think differently together and have the joint insights that we are proud to impart to our clients.

Our journey towards increased diversity and inclusion takes time, consistency, and tenacity, and it concerns all of us. Focus on awareness and education enables us to move forward.

It is a prerequisite of success that our own organisational bodies are diverse and committed to catalysing inclusivity.