Our Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Culture & Employee Experience

“Professional and caring” is how our employees describe the corporate culture at Hannes Snellman. At the core of our culture, we have a strong community of professionals who proudly take ownership of the matters entrusted to us. Furthermore, we cherish an easy-going atmosphere where each employee is appreciated as an individual and everyone is encouraged to speak their mind. Above all, we always want to make sure everyone feels part of the team from day one. This is how our employees have described working at Hannes Snellman:

“You feel welcome and included in the team from day one. You can speak to everyone. You can be yourself.”

“Here you do have power already as a junior. Power to shape your part in the firm.”

“You get a lot of responsibility, and you always know that people will take care of their tasks and you can trust them to get their work done.”

“While we are ambitious, we always remain humble and friendly. You will not encounter sharp elbows here.”

Over the years, we have interviewed over 100 of our employees. If you want to read more about our culture, please visit the Careers section.

Our Corporate Culture & Client Experience

According to our clients, what sets us apart is the way we take ownership of matters entrusted to us.We build long-term, trust-based relations, which enables us to understand our clients’ business drivers and context. Our professional and caring culture is present in everything we do. In terms of client experience, this means that we deliver an engaged, proactive, curious and solutions-oriented approach.

Our culture is based on our way of doing things, and we call it the “Hannes Way of Working”. Some of its dimensions are pictured here:



How We Work on Our Culture

We believe that corporate culture is something that all of us play a key role in, as it is created through our everyday actions. However, we also actively and consciously work on our culture to make sure that it truly serves our strategy and our community. We have therefore established a culture taskforce, a team of dedicated employees who lead the cross-border work on culture and make sure that it stays high on our agenda. Moreover, we regularly monitor what our employees think about the culture at Hannes Snellman. We have also identified some themes we definitely want to focus on in the future, which include speaking up, collaboration, balance between private and work life, and a fun and relaxed atmosphere.