Legal Tech Trainee

The legal tech trainee position is made for someone whose heart beats for innovation and learning. As a legal tech trainee, you get to learn about legal tech, innovation techniques, and legal tech tools in an inspiring work environment. Best of all, this traineeship can also be tailored based on your own interests.

This traineeship could be a perfect match for you if you want to learn how tech can be used in the legal environment and you are into problem-solving and teamwork.


The legal tech trainee supports our Legal Tech Team. The legal tech trainee’s tasks include automating documents using different automation tools, conducting market searches, organising demos, and contributing to the team’s ongoing projects such as project management, digital skills training, and development of our innovation culture. This position requires precision, logical thinking, basic knowledge of law, curiosity, and a desire to learn and use various digital tools.


The exact duration of the traineeship and working hours will be agreed on separately. However, the ideal duration of the traineeship is at least six months and three to four days a week.

Working as a legal tech trainee has been a unique opportunity to learn what can be achieved with current and emerging legal tech. The job includes a variety of work tasks and encourages both learning and innovation. The working atmosphere at the office and in the legal tech team is open and welcoming, which makes it easy to quickly feel at home. Above all, I have enjoyed the opportunity to challenge myself daily in a positive and innovative environment.” – Legal Tech Trainee, 2024