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Career Stories | Anni Nohteri, Legal Assistant, M&A, Helsinki

24 January 2024

Anni Nohteri works as a legal assistant in our Mergers & Acquisitions Team. Anni joined Hannes Snellman in August 2022 first as a legal assistant trainee, after which she continued to work as an evening assistant alongside her studies and later as a legal assistant upon her graduation. Anni holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

You have been working at Hannes Snellman since autumn 2022. How has it been so far?

It has gone by very fast! I have found working here interesting, and since it is my first time working in this field, I have gained lots of new skills and knowledge.

You have worked as a legal assistant trainee, evening assistant, and legal assistant. What has been the biggest difference between the roles, or is there any difference?

I would say the biggest difference is the amount of responsibility you get to take. As a trainee, I worked with other assistants a lot, and starting as an evening assistant was a big change to that – I got to do all of my work independently, and now as a legal assistant I have my own work pair and responsibilities. Working as an evening assistant was also very different due to the fact that I did not have my own team but worked across the firm with different people.

What were the biggest takeaways/learnings from your traineeship at Hannes?

The biggest takeaway for me was realising how much this field actually interests me, as I have previously worked mainly with sports and retail. I have also been able to better my technical skills a lot!

How would you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?

To me it is professional but still laid back, and everyone seems genuinely motivated to do their job.

One theme that currently stands out in working life discussions is that of purpose. To conclude this interview, we would like to ask you what are the things that keep you going and motivated at work — what is your purpose?

During this period of a little over a year that I have worked as an assistant, I have noticed that it suits me well – a big part of my motivation comes from the will to help others. My work tasks also vary a lot, and I get to learn new things constantly, and seeing myself develop is very motivating. On top of these things, I have to mention my colleagues, with whom I really enjoy working with.

FAVOURITE | Book: Historian jännät naiset, Maria Petterson; Lunch: Pasta or sushi; Podcast: Jäljillä; Work Equipment: Electric desk; Afternoon Routine: Coffee and a snack; Mobile Application: Podme; Relaxation Method: Podcasts and naps; Work Outfit: A knitted dress and boots; Social Media Channel: Instagram; Drink: Iced tea; Weekday: Thursday; Leisure Activity: Walks

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