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Hannes Snellman’s Lawyers in Finland Highly Ranked in the EMEA 2024 Edition of The Legal 500

27 March 2024

Hannes Snellman in Finland has been ranked at the top in the newly published The Legal 500 EMEA 2024 Edition.

Several of our experts were also ranked individually.

Banking and Finance

Henrik Mattson, Hall of Fame

  • "Henrik Matsson is the grand man of finance law. His experience, skills to find solutions and solve issues and general expertise are outstanding."

Markus Bremer, Leading Individual

  • "Markus Bremer is a one of the best finance lawyers. While knowing the details, he has a wider perspective and a great ability to advance things. He is also great to work with due to his professional skills and down to earth attitude."

Antti Nyberg, Next Generation Partner

  • "Antti Nyberg excels in catering to the client’s needs and adapts well to different scenarios and assignments. Excellent availability."

Senni Kinnaslampi, Key Lawyer

  • "Senni Kinnaslampi is a rising star with excellent project management skills."

Capital markets

Klaus Ilmonen, Hall of Fame

  • Head of the team Klaus Ilmonen has vast experience in public takeovers, as well as cross-border transactions

Sonja Siggberg, Key Lawyer

  • "Sonja Siggberg is very responsive and has a holistic view of matters. She is one of the few generalists in the field who can take multiples aspects from different areas of law into account. The partner in charge is always on top of things and knows what the team is working."

Commercial, Corporate and M&A

Mikko Heinonen, Hall of Fame

  • Mikko Heinonen focuses on various forms of corporate transactions, finance advisory work, and securities regulation advice

Antti Kuha, Next Generation Partner

  • Antti Kuha has extensive experience in complex cross-border transactions involving public corporations

Erik Stenman, Key Lawyer

  • "Erik Stenman in particular has proven especially responsive and easy to work with."

Riikka Rannikko, Key Lawyer

  • "Having worked with Riikka Rannikko of Hannes Snellman for a few years now, I am impressed. She is always available and delivers, and has the ability to discuss and contribute to a wide range of topics also outside of standard corporate and M&A stuff. From a General Counsel perspective, absolutely fantastic work all the time."

EU and competition

Mikko Huimala, Leading Individual

  • "Mikko Huimala is very pragmatic and solution-driven lawyer who provides pragmatic advice instead of concentrating on disclaimers in the final products. We especially appreciate him being able to make complex competition law concepts more approachable to our non-lawyer colleagues."

Outi Jousi, Key Lawyer

  • "Outi Jousi is exceptional in her customer service and service attitude. Her reaction speed and accuracy are unparalleled. Her expertise is top-notch, and I consider her one of the most talented public procurement specialists currently. And best of all – her impeccable sense of style and humour. Outi takes one opportunity after another with great ease and makes others shine as well."

Helena Lamminen, Key Lawyer

Päivi Tammilehto, Key Lawyer

  • "Päivi Tammilehto is an easily approachable person and always a pleasure to be in contact with. Päivi is skilled in giving practical advice in competition law which, by its nature, is often considered as a rather theoretical area of law."

Dispute resolution

Anders Bygglin, Leading individual

  • The ‘excellent team of experienced dispute resolution practitioners’ is led by Anders Bygglin, who has key expertise in M&A and company law disputes, financial litigation and employment disputes, as well as compliance-related issues.

Anna-Maria Tamminen, Next Generation Partner

  • "Anna-Maria Tamminen has very broad experience of international arbitration and is extremely hardworking. She has good understanding of our business and our needs."

Markus Manninen, Key Lawyer

  • "Markus Manninen is one of those very trusted advisers, with exceptional analytical skills, providing advice that is well thought through from every angle."


Anders Bygglin, Leading individual

  • "Anders Bygglin and Johanna Haltia-Tapio are both very knowledgeable and focus on the clients’ challenges precisely."

Johanna Haltia-Tapio, Leading individual

  • "Johanna Haltia-Tapio offers very precise and practical advice. Easy to reach, always available."

Intellectual property

Panu Siitonen, Leading individual

  • "Panu Siitonen has deep knowledge in patent, licensing, trade mark and trade secret protection related matters. Based on his vast experience he is able to provide practical and commercially relevant solutions."

Sarita Schröder, Rising star

  • Sarita Schröder specialises in IP, marketing, and consumer law, with a particular focus on litigation.

Vilhelm Schröder, Rising star

  • Vilhelm Schröder is a key litigator and excels in patent litigation.

Real estate and construction

Tapio Teräkivi, Hall of Fame

  • "Tapio Teräkivi is definitely “the” real estate lawyer in Finland. He has vast experience and has seen it all. Tapio is a very tough negotiator, but also understands the commercial interests of the client, not only legal, and is able to find solutions when needed."

Klaus Metsä-Simola, Leading individual

  • Klaus Metsä-Simola is experienced in wind power developments.

Maria Landtman, Leading individual

  • "Maria Landtman is the best partner you can work with. Understands the client’s needs as expressed in layman’s terms, analyses it, and provides a solution that is feasible from both legal and commercial perspectives."

Katja Perätalo, Next Generation Partner

  • "Katja Perätalo is superb with her wide understanding of the construction business, same as Maria Landtman. They provide excellent expertise through their argumentation and understand the business logic very well. So with them it is fluent to manage even the toughest and longest of negotiations."

Matti Lajunen, Key Lawyer

  • "Matti Lajunen is a real professional with an aim to achieve profitable results for clients."


Heikki Vesikansa, Hall of Fame

  • "Heikki Vesikansa is a real star of the Finnish tax consultancy market – seasoned professional with a good team supporting him."

Piia Ahonen, Hall of Fame

  • Piia Ahonen leads the firm’s VAT and other indirect tax practice; she is a renowned expert in indirect taxation and advises Finnish and international clients in the automotive, real estate, retail and energy sectors.

Joakim Frände, Key Lawyer

  • "Joakim Frande is great in taxation of individuals."

Stefan Stellato, Key lawyer

"Stefan Stellato has deep knowledge of international tax matters and provides very logical and clear advice."


Jesper Nevalainen, Leading individual

Panu Siitonen, Leading individual

Lasse Riski, Next Generation Partner

Maria Aholainen, Rising star


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