Professional Development

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Our employees are our greatest asset, and without their competence and commitment, we would not be able to share our knowledge with our clients and provide them with the expertise and support they request. We want to create an empowering environment for our people to grow as leading professionals, and we support the development of our people by learning by doing, coaching, and giving feedback. We also encourage our employees to devote time to knowledge development and to actively share and seek knowledge to achieve high competence. All in all, we want to develop our people in a systematic way throughout their careers.

Learning by Doing

At Hannes Snellman, you get to work with some of the leading experts in the field and learn from the best in your daily work. You also get to work on exciting and unique assignments, and as you gain experience, you will get more responsibility and develop further. For us as a firm, it is essential that we create an atmosphere of positivity in the workplace, so that all employees feel welcome and have the opportunity to develop and excel in their roles.

Our way of cooperating between different business areas means that our employees have a great platform for professional development and get to work on versatile matters. We also offer our employees the opportunity to conduct secondments at our client companies and foreign law firms. We also support postgraduate studies, and many of our employees have completed postgraduate university studies (LL.M., MBA, etc.) either locally or abroad.

Coaching and Feedback

We always work in teams with an appropriate mix of seniority and experience for each matter. This way, we ensure that our employees not only get to work with more experienced colleagues and learn from them but also get feedback, coaching, and support.

Furthermore, we have a set of processes in place to help us as a company steer and support our employees’ professional development. We have a yearly evaluation and feedback process for discussing what our employees expect of us and what we expect of our employees. In these reviews, each employee will discuss individual goals for their business performance and personal development and set up a personal development plan with their development responsible. In addition to this yearly process, we conduct project de-briefings throughout the year in order to share learnings and to identify and develop best practices.

Hannes Academy

In addition to learning by doing, coaching, and giving feedback, we have a structured learning platform, Hannes Academy, which consists of

  • comprehensive introductory training programme
  • internal and external lectures and courses covering legal training
  • internal and external lectures and courses covering professional skills training.

Please read more about Hannes Academy below.