Pro Bono

Pro bono work is a crucial way of implementing Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship associated with the practice of law. Hannes Snellman has a particularly strong tradition of handling pro bono assignments. Pro bono refers to an attorney’s work promoting a matter that is considered good for society, performed free of charge or at a clearly reduced fee. We focus on areas where our skills are best used and where we are most able to make an impact.

Staff suggestions form the basis of our pro bono work. The fundamental starting point is the provision of legal advice in accordance with the firm’s strategy and our areas of expertise. Also, in pro bono work we represent the firm and observe the same criteria associated with quality and the organisation of work applicable to other assignments and duties. We are proud of what our people achieve and the difference they make.

Our pro bono assignments include the following long-term partnerships: The International Federation of Red Cross and UNICEF.